New Interface Release

Took a little longer than we expected but we have finally released the new User Interface for MyBrewCo.

We think the new UI modernizes the site and makes it easier to use with less jumping around between different views. All the edits work using inline ajax calls which reduce post backs and also removes some of the load on the web servers.

The frameworks we used haven’t changed much but here’s an updated list if that kind of thing is of interest:

  1. .NET MVC 5
  2. Microsoft Azure – Platform it runs on
  3. Azure Blob Storage – Images
  4. SQL Azure - Database
  5. Dapper – ORM for database stuff
  6. Redis – Output cache and layer 2 caching of objects
  7. Booksleeve – Redis client developed by the folks at Stackoverflow
  8. Twitter Bootstrap – CSS\JS framework
  9. Protobuf-net - Serialization

What's next:

  1. Inventory Management
  2. Clubs
  3. Water Profiles and calculations with Jobs




New Update

New update released.

Another update was deployed today, it contains the following fixes and new features.

Better search of ingredients when creating a recipe

Now when you search for an ingredient to add to a recipe you’ll see all the available ingredients, and be able to search the list. This was a common complaint and we think this new method will work a lot better.

Shortcut Add buttons on the recipe details page for ingredients

Rather the only being able to add ingredients from their respective views you can now jump straight to the ADD page from the recipe details.

A setting in user preferences to opt out of our newsletter

Sometime over the next few weeks we start sending a newsletter to keep our users updated on what’s happening with the system. You can opt out via a new setting in your user preferences.

Users can now create water profiles

Users have requested being able to add their own water profiles. You can add a profile from the system ingredients menu at the top of the page.

Fixed a bug when adding a staff member to your brewery if the invite code is invalid

A couple of users have received an error when adding a staff member to their brewery. This has now been fixed.

Fixed some styling on the recipe review pages

The recipe review pages were missing some of the new styles.


New Update

An update was deployed tonight (7/2/2013) that contains the following changes:

Fixes a bug with First Wort Hops and IBU Calculations

When adding hops to a recipe the system was not calculating IBU's for First Wort hops.

Beta release of our Shopping List

A shopping list for brewers has been release in beta. After enabling the feature in your preferences you'll see a shopping list appear on your dashboard. Ingredients are added when you create a job and you can add special items directly to the list.

Items can be marked as purchased and finally deleted by dragging to the trash can.



July New User Competition 

For our launch at this year’s national home brewers conference we’re offering a $500 gift card to a home brew store to any user that registers and creates or uploads two recipes by Midnight (Pacific time) on 31st July 2013. The draw will be broadcast live for transparency and increased drama. Any users that have signed up prior to the official launch will also be eligible provide they meet the below criteria.

Note: We're still working out which hombrew store you'll get the gift certicate from.

To be eligible you must be a US resident, have a user account with created before Midnight July 31st (PST) and have two recipes created under at least one brewery. Recipes and Brewery must be made public. Any tax obligations are the users responsibility. Upon drawing the winner we will contact them and confirm eligibility and organize the gift certificate. If the winner is ineligible and another drawing will take place.    


New User Interface


In preparation of the official go live at this year’s home brewers conference in Philadelphia we’ve deployed the next phase of the user interface.

The new UI has better support for mobile devices (responsive design), looks more consistent and we’ve has an appealing visual style to it, well we think it’s appealing. Interfaces never really stop evolving so we’ll see where it ends up when we add some of the next big features.